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These are the most common questions we get asked here, at Buy a Star. If you find your question isn't answered - please do reach out to us via email (, via our contact form or live chat.

How long does delivery take?

If you select our free shipping option, we ship via Royal Mail 1st Class and it usually takes 1-3 working days to arrive after ordering. If you require your star delivered by a guaranteed date and time, you can opt to upgrade your shipping for a nominal cost to one of our courier options.

Additionally, you can also get an email copy of your order (including supplementary leaflets) which will arrive within an hour after purchase - perfect for that last minute gift.

I don't have a PayPal account, how can I pay?

We accept all typical credit and debit cards via PayPal - you do not need to open an account.

To pay using your credit or debit card, proceed to pay via PayPal. Once you see the login screen, you will be able to scroll down the page and input your card details directly which will avoids any need to have a PayPal account.

Can you ensure no invoices/pricing information is present in the delivery?

We never send pricing/invoices within the gift packs - these are designed to be sent straight to the recipient. This also means your name is also not included by default - and for privacy reasons we cannot share it should the recipient get in touch (without requesting your approval, which we will do) so adding your name to the personal message or to the shipping address (e.g. as part of the Company name, you could put your own name instead) is a great way to let the recipient know who it's from.

Will my star be visible to the naked eye?

Whether this is possible depends on many factors (e.g. weather and location). We recommend using a telescope for best viewing, and additionally upgrading to Extra Bright or a Binary star to make viewing easier.

However, you will always be able to see your star via the Stellar Star Registry and Google Sky Map 24/7, 365 days of the year.

What is Buy a Star?

We are star naming company where you can name a star after yourself, a friend, family member or loved one. The name can be anything, such as Robin James or any a pet name. There are different packages to meet your requirements and are registered in the Stellar Star Registry for life and no star will ever be named twice.

How can I name a star?

Step 1

Choose from the packages on our page: Standard star, Extra Bright Star or Binary Star. You will find the features of the packages on our homepage.

Step 2

Fill up your details and the details of the person whose name you want to buy the star for. You can also chose a specific constellation if you like.

Step 3

Finish your order and make payment. We accept PayPal, as well as normal credit and debit cards.

Step 4

Receive your order in the post and leave us a feedback.

Will I own the star that I have named?

Due to stars being classified as celestial beings, they have been designated the property of all mankind, and as such no one can ever have legal ownership of a star - they are there for everyone to enjoy.

We use an independent star registry which accepts registrations, separate from other registries for internationally recognised bodies. The star registry can be viewed at

I have placed an order but it has not arrived yet, where is it?

Please use our live order tracking feature to track your order - it has all of the latest information available. Our customer services uses the same page to answer queries around where your delivery is.

There's a mistake/typo/printing error on my certificate

If you've just ordered - please quickly go to our live order tracking to see the options for changing for order. In order to avoid a situation where we change something that you didn't expect us to, we never make changes to orders and print (automatically) what was provided at the time the order was paid.

The first thing to check is the order dispatch and confirmation email we sent you - is what was printed different from there?

If you do see a difference, please do not use our contact form and instead email us directly at including pictures of the errors and we will provide a response ASAP.

I've just placed an order, and I've noticed a mistake! Do you check the spelling? Can I change the name/date/message/delivery address?

If you've just ordered - please quickly go to our live order tracking to see the options for changing for order. If what you need changed isn't there, please do reach out to us but as we send our orders to print several times a day so it would depend on many different variables as to whether changing your order is possible however will do our absolute best.

My order has arrived damaged, what should I do?

We are very sorry to hear your order has arrived damaged. Over the years we have tried many different types of packaging but we have found that it is impossible to prevent 100% of damage.

Please email us including pictures of both the damaged packaging (with your address and damage fully visible) and everything inside that is damaged. We will be able to arrange a replacement and claim the cost from the courier. We prefer direct emails as you can attach images directly, if you contact us via our form then we would need to email you back to request photos that we can sent to the courier.

Can I cancel my order or get a refund after purchase?

Once a star is assigned (this happens within a few minutes of purchase) we cannot issue a refund, however we will still do everything we can to help. For example, this may be resending the order due it being lost by the courier, or arriving damaged. We are also happy to include a free email copy of your star if the delivery is running behind schedule, or change the details to someone else - please simply get in touch. Please note personalised products are excluded by law from distance selling regulations.